CDEK franchise
from 40 000 $
Open a delivery business in your city and start earning
*Includes a franchise fee, registration, and office rental costs

A CDEK franchise logistics business means:

preset, proven routes and rates;
working with an international brand;
free training;
your own software and automation.
promoting your services with CDEK's reach;
profit from day 1, breaking even in as little as 3 months;

CDEK is:

active clients worldwide
1 500 000+
shipments per day
300 000+
offices in 25 countries
on the market
22 years
A business that generates
income even during a crisis

Pick up a franchise

A CDEK franchise is:

А pickup point and a fully functional office
a standard franchise format that lets you earn income from each order shipped, and increases your income by attracting new customers
  • Set package volume
  • Constant influx of customers
  • Great advertising opportunities
5000 $ franchise fee
6-month royalty fee
15% royalty starting from the 7th month
Royalties are a monthly payment for working under a well-known brand, support, and the ability to use all of the company's services.
Franchise for online stores
Do you sell online? Become a CDEK franchisee with our logistical strengths
  • Delivery of your orders at cost
  • Enter new markets and increase your sales
  • Grow your income by attracting new customers
2000 $ franchise fee
10% royalty
Royalties are a monthly payment for working under a well-known brand, support, and the ability to use all of the company's services.
Attracting new clients
Grow your partner network and get profit from every shipment.

You hire managers to sign contracts with online stores and legal entities.

How do you earn money?

Operations compensation
Other franchisee's packages

You process the package volume you already have: send from your pickup point and deliver other franchisee's products to their recipients.
You receive an order for delivery or send it to another pickup point in India or other countries where CDEK has presence. We work even during a crisis.
A wide partner network throughout areas where CDEK has presence
Including on social networks and social purchasing sites
Who regularly sell custom-made products
Leading document control
Sporting and travel goods, toys, cosmetics, clothes, shoes
To send parcels, gifts, and souvenirs to friends and relatives
Online stores, marketplaces
Private online sellers
Sellers of handmade goods
Legal entities
Manufacturing companies

Your customers are anyone who needs to make shipments:

How does it work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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